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About Layla.

Born to a family steeped in musical tradition, Layla Capri has a heart to write real songs for real people. Asan indie Christian artist, she has made significant strides in her musical journey. With a story marked by faith, resilience, and passion, Layla’s songs radiate hope and the unwavering love of God. Layla is on a mission to inspire and uplift through her gift of song.​

Walks With Me

out now on all platforms

Walks With Me-2.png

Be The Light

out now on all platforms

Good For Your Word.png

Good For Your Word

out now on all platforms



You, God's Music 2024

I've made it into semifinals of the "You, God's Music" showcase! Vote to keep me in the competition.
Voting is open from
Friday June 14 - Sunday June 30.

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